KMA Loans and DJ Jordan

Client Spotlight:

Individuals looking for hard money loans in Austin, TX should consider DJ Jordan Properties. They offer a variety of funding programs and offer 5 year financing. One of the positives of their business plan is that they are collateral based lenders and bad credit or no credit is ok.

They offer their services in a few locations around the country including: Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and the southern California ...

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Google Enhanced Campaigns

We’ve had a chance to experiment with the new Google Enhanced Campaigns in our clients Adwords accounts. This is a very interesting roll out for Google as it takes a way the ability to really segment out your campaigns on mobile and non-mobile devices. Google explains this by saying the user behavior is essentially the same across devices and it is the time of day, location, etc that really changes…therefore they do give you the ability to control ...

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Social Media Tip

Instead of offering dozens of tips for using social about one?

1) Engage Your Customers – Let them talk

I am sure you have heard this over and over again but use Social Media to allow your customers to talk and find out what is on their mind.  You can shape the conversations but don’t approach it like your standard marketing plan.  It’s a discovery.  Get people talking, let them know you are listening..really listening and they’ll keep talking.

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Scentsy and Gace Adele

Scentsy is a very interesting company and one that many online marketers keep a close eye on as they are very active in the social media realm.  They do some very interesting things with their social media pages and their team is made up of some of the brightest minds in the business.  They are known for their wickless candles but have recently been expanding their product lines into things like:  fondue and body sprays.  Now, they bring us:  Continue Reading →

WordPress and Scentsy

Are you one of the thousands of people out there with a Scentsy Business?

Did you know that you can build a great website simply by using wordpress?  Wordpress is great for websites like this because of their content management system will allow you to manage scentsy products easier and add new content easily.  Such as updating their scent of the month or other new scents that come out.  There are many SEO plugins and analytic plugins that ...

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I Don’t Know My Keywords

We’ve talked about the importance of choosing keywords that will convert into sales and leads but what if you don’t know what these are?  Let’s say that you haven’t been tracking this information and really have no clue as to which keywords convert better than others.   What do you do?

Start by going through your emails and contact forms from customers and searching for ways they describe what they need.  What types of phrases are they using to describe what ...

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Choosing Keywords for your website

Tip of the day:

When choosing your keywords make sure you are choosing keywords that you can sell.

Don’t just choose words based on how many searches they get a month.  Choose words that describe what you sell or services you offer in detail.  Before choosing that keyword, ask yourself if that really describes what you sell.  If someone types that into Google and finds your website will they buy your product or use your service?

Your keywords should be representative of what ...

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Free Marketing e-Book

We recently participated in a free marketing eBook with around 33 other industry experts.  It’s filled with some great tips for business owners and those looking for marketing tips and tricks.  Download it free at the marketing in progress blog.

The book has a variety of information on social media, blogging, seo, email marketing, and more.   Again, it’s free and you don’t even have to put in your email address.

Thanks to Brett for helping put this ...

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Website Design VS. Website Development

Client:  “Is there a difference between website design and website development?”

Having a website developed is a very different job than just having a website built or commonly referred to as designed.  Let’s start by examining the typical website build by using one of the many things we’ve heard over the years:

“I know someone who builds websites”

Whether it is a friend or family member most people probably know someone who can claim they “build websites” and will do ...

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Client Spotlight: Sugar Biscuit Cakery

Every now and then, we like to do a “client spotlight” and this month just in time for the holidays we would like to introduce you to Sugar Biscuit Cakery in Fort Worth, Texas.

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