Websites Using Popup Surveys Need to Be Careful

Is your website using one of those popup surveys?  I know that Seth Godin had advocated using surveys on your website to find out information about your customer base…such as why they chose not to buy.  Obviously, this information is very useful but the problem is that many companies simply instructed their team to add this function to their website without really thinking it through.

My challenge to your company.  If you are using one of these popups, bring your website ...

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Client Spotlight

One of our clients is just finishing up their first season in business so we thought it was time for a client spotlight.

Green Energy Solutions approached us a few months ago to build an easy to use website so they could start selling their line of skylight shades.  These easy to use shades help keep energy costs down while still letting you enjoy your skylights.  Really cool idea and easy to install.  The challenge on our end was coming up ...

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Where to Spend Your Money on SEM?

We get asked by new clients to come up with creative ways to spend their SEM budgets.   Many companies just don’t have a big enough budget initially to kick start all aspects of a search engine marketing campaign so where you start?


Pay Per Click?

Social Media?

Email Marketing?

If your company has never tried any of these then how do you know which one will work?  The reality is you really don’t and even if you have dipped your toes in the ...

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Cheap E Commerce Websites

We’ve all see these companies that offer really cheap do it yourself e commerce websites for a low monthly fee but are they really any good?

One of the most important things to remember when opening an online store is that you are competing against other companies that have been around for years.  You aren’t just going to get your products online and immediately start selling them.  You are going to have to convince people to buy from your website and ...

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Website Tip of the Day

Sell your services on your website.

Some people believe it is enough to just put up a good looking website and put up information about their company. Once they do that…they think they are done. Even if you are doing SEO and/or online advertising you need to do more. We can’t stress this enough. Your website’s content should be selling your services and not just presenting people with your information.

Ideas for doing this include:

  • Creating Specials or Coupons on ...
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Measuring the Value of a New Website

Measuring the value of a new website.

The following will be helpful to both web designers trying to sell a customer on a website and those inside a company pushing for a new website and trying to get the correct amount in the budget.

We are approached to build a lot of websites and the cost expectations vary from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. There are many blog posts and articles that talk about what a website ...

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The Value of Google Adwords

The Value of Google Adwords

Many companies have tried Google Adwords at one time or another and there are varying opinions on the value of this service. There are some that will argue that AdWords is a waste of money while other companies drive nearly 100% of sales through their AdWords campaigns. How do you determine if Adwords is something your company should be doing?

First of all, Adwords should NOT be looked at as an expense…you should be making ...

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What is the Value of a Website

Check out our Brett’s marketing in progress blog today for RaeSea’s guest post. Here’s a teaser:

We are approached to build a lot of websites and the cost expectations vary from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. There are many blog posts and articles that talk about what a website should cost to build and what factors affect costs but what about for the client? Is there a value to place on the website itself? ...

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Explaining Inbound and Outbound Links

Links are extremely important for your search engine rankings and seo but what is the difference between inbound and outbound links?

Inbound Links: (links from other websites to your website) – Inbound links greatly influence website rankings because all major search engines such as Google, use inbound links to determine how to rank websites. In general, a website with many good inbound links will have high rankings on the search engines. These links also bring visitors to your website, thus ...

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Recap of the Optimization Summit in Dallas

We recently attended the Optimization Summit in Dallas for Social Media. The format featured four to five two-hour workshops at a time, featuring topics on branding to pricing to SEO to email marketing to social media planning.

Brett over at marketing in progress has been doing some fantastic recaps of the workshops he attended. I’d like to invite all of you to read his recap on one of the better workshops with Geno Church. ...

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