Services: CoolCart Shopping Carts

CoolCart is shopping cart allows store owners to setup an ecommerce store by simply inserting html code into their current website. The advantage of CoolCart is that a programmer can write this html code to do a variety of interesting things when it comes to calculating costs on products.

Our CoolCart Services

  • Hourly Consulting
  • Html Code Customization
  • Shopping Cart Page Customization
  • Custom Graphics such as banners and call-out buttons
  • Product Customization

CoolCart is a little cheaper than most other shopping cart solutions depending on your level of sales and if you pre-pay annually. The store admin user interface is not as robust as some of the other options but for those who want to either save a little money or who have products where pricing is complex then CoolCart may be a good option. We can also help those who already use CoolCart but just want a ‘tuneup’.

The RaeSea team is an extraordinary group to work with. They execute our requests immediately, and always have fresh ideas. Our web sales increased soon after they took over our website. RaeSea came to us highly recommended, and now we endorse them with same esteem.

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Cool Cart Solutions

Do You Already Have a Website

CoolCart might be a good solution for your company if you already have a great looking website and simply want to add a shopping cart function to it. Let us take a look at your current website and let you know whether CoolCart would be a good option for your situation. If your current website is performing well then chances are you do not need to pay for a completely new website with a shopping cart functionality.

Features of CoolCart

CoolCart has many features such as real-time shipping info fro UPS, USPS, and FedEx. Also, it allows your customers the chance to calculate their shipping costs while they are shopping and not simply at check out. Discount options include gift certificates and coupons where you can set date ranges and more.

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