Ecommerce Website Design and Shopping Carts

Selling products over the internet requires an ecommerce solution. This usually involves implementing some sort of “shopping cart” software and a merchant account. There are many options to choose from and RaeSea can help you make the right decision.

Shopping Carts We Can Help You With

We can design shopping carts for any of those stores as well as offer consulting and SEO. Each of those shopping carts have distinct features and functionality and you need developers that know how to work within their boundaries. We can help every step of the way from design concepts to complete customization of your store. Read more about our bigcommerce services.

Shopping Cart Questions

  • What are you selling? How many products are you selling?
  • What’s your budget? Would you like a custom shopping cart or modified template?
  • Any special pricing guidelines? Will the price decrease if a customer orders a higher quantity?
  • Will you accept International Orders?
  • Who is managing your online orders and how much time will they have to devote?

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Ecommerce Solutions

The Right Shopping Solution

The answers to these questions will determine which shopping cart software is best for your online store. There are two major options to choose from when picking a shopping cart. One, is to have a custom shopping cart built specifically for your business and this would mean a higher price as we will be writing the code and customizing it for your business. This option would also allow for you to manage the store through easy to use “back end” tools.

Shopping Carts

Option 2, involves choosing which shopping cart service to use…such as Yahoo, Network solutions, etc. Each of these has their pros and cons and require a monthly fee. These services come with customizable templates and will need to be tailored to your needs. Again, it will depend on what features you will require with the shopping cart software. For instance, if you want to do international shipping then you will require a service that will enable you to adjust the pricing for each country code.

Merchant Accounts

The next step is to figure out how you want to allow people to pay for the products they order from your website. Again, there are options such as pay pal and Google Checkout…each with their pros and cons and again fees per transaction. Some businesses choose to go through their banks and accept credit cards without the assistance of a 3rd party web site such as pay pal. Some things to consider are: how much money in sales do you predict and what are your margins?

After we have determined which shopping cart software to use and which merchant account, we will need to develop a store that is easy for your customers to use and with a maximum ROI. We can also provide custom ecommerce website design for your online store.