Email Marketing

Services: Email Marketing Campaigns

A clear path to success.

  • Build a Relationship with Your Customers over time
  • Define Your Goals and develop a strategy to reach these.
  • Use the proper email platform and hardware to reach these goals and future goals.
  • Determine the data integration needs and the processes that need to be managed.

A successful email marketing campaign can be an effective way to retain and build customer loyalty. We design email marketing campaigns as an avenue for a business to offer new services and keep customers informed. These email campaigns can help establish a long term relationship with customers.

The Email Strategy

It is important to not email for the sake of emailing…keep your messages brief and to the point.

The Email Process

Creating a Process that is easy to follow

  • Define the outline flow of the sign up process, the opt out process, and the welcome emails
  • Designing email graphics that offer the best results through all email platforms such as Outlook and Gmail. Text must be displayed if graphics are disabled.
  • Write interesting, useful, and relevant content for each email. The text should contain a “call to action” and not overwhelm the customer base or worse “annoy” them.

Campaign Execution

Ensuring the emails are sent out in the timeframes set out in the strategy.

  • Each email “blast” will be tested and examined in each browser to ensure a positive experience for users.
  • Send the emails from a reliable platform and a trusted email source.
  • Apply for white listing and ensure the email providers do not consider the emails “spam”.

ROI Optimization

Measuring the ROI through analytics.

  • Determine where users are clicking in the emails and which links are most popular
  • Track how many emails are actually opened by users and not immediately deleted
  • Examine response rates and repeat visitors to the website

This information will be gathered and used to make each email “blast” more effective and to increase ROI.