Google Enhanced Campaigns

We’ve had a chance to experiment with the new Google Enhanced Campaigns in our clients Adwords accounts. This is a very interesting roll out for Google as it takes a way the ability to really segment out your campaigns on mobile and non-mobile devices. Google explains this by saying the user behavior is essentially the same across devices and it is the time of day, location, etc that really changes…therefore they do give you the ability to control these parameters.

The initial conclusion is that this isn’t holding true for all of our clients. Depending on your business model this new change can have a huge negative impact on your conversion rates and CPA’s. If your business has a proven method in Adwords then that may no longer be the case once you switch to enhanced campaigns.

It is important for whomever is managing your accounts to learn about enhanced campaigns and have the knowledge to re-work your campaigns from the ground up if it is needed. Don’t be shocked if your numbers are way off the first few weeks if you running in multiple countries and are using an advanced conversion model.