KMA Loans Case Study

Case Study:

RaeSea provides internet marketing for KMA Lendinggroup in Round Rock, TX under the website Our internet marketing plan for KMA was designed to bring their mortgage company more internet leads through organic search thus creating a stream of revenue not dependent on customer referrals or advertising costs.

Website Success

  • Low Bounce Rates – the website should be inviting and professional so the user feel comfortable doing business with that company
  • Return Visits – the website should be useful to both new and returning visitors
  • Easy Navigation – make it easy for the user to find what they are looking for
  • Call to Action – lead your visitors in the direction you want them to go

Take a look at our portfolio and read about how a new website design has changed the way some of our clients do business. Also, read about the success at KMA Lendinggroup.

What KMA says about Us: “I have known members of RaeSea for 10 yrs and see them as a vital part of my business. Their work is a reflection of my company and what we stand for. They are extemely responsive to any needs we might have and talk to me in terms that someone like me (not a huge tech guy) can understand. I couldn’t recommend a company any higher than RaeSea. We feel fortunate to have them as part of our team.”

Internet Marketing Strategies

Increasing KMA’s web rankings

This mortgage company had a limited amount of exposure on the internet. They had a website that benefited from the “age of the site” but still was not ranked high on any search phrases. Their goal was to get “about half” of their leads through the web without having to buy leads from 3rd party websites. The mortgage industry is a very competitive industry and is very difficult for a small business to rank high without an intensive SEO plan in place. This is a moderately sized website that capitalizes on the “long tail searches” and features a blog.

Current Status:

Their new website went up in February and they are currently getting almost half of their leads from the website. The fluctuations in the mortgage industry have set the site back a bit because the loans they can do are changing on a monthly basis so text changes are constantly being made. The site was originally set to get high results in the “bad credit” areas but the company no longer does bad credit loans. But, the website is exceeding their expectations in a short amount of time with a balance between ranking high in Texas searches and ranking high on national searches.