PPC Management

Services: Pay Per Click Setup and Management


At Raesea, we believe that experienced pay per click management is essential to running a successful PPC campaign. Bids on keywords change everyday and in most cases every hour. Do you know how your competitor’s are responding to your bids? You need a company with the experience to manage your campaigns, your keywords, your ads and how your cost per conversion.

Other companies offer pay per click management to many businesses who are competing against each other while in the same market. For instance, they could be managing 5 mortgage companies all in San Diego…how can you be sure you are getting the best service? Let us give your campaign our full attention without balancing your competitors at the same time. Give us a call at 619.573.6713.

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Increase Your ROI

Our Pay Per Click Process:

  • Research you keywords to determine which one’s to place bids on.
  • Determine the correct maximum bids for each word.
  • Evaluate your business and industry to determine the best times to run your ads.
  • Setup several ads to test which headlines and text work best
  • Evaluate your budgetary needs along with your ROI
  • Read More about the value of Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Advertising for your business.

PPC Strategies

There are dozens of pay per click strategies that we employ but we can’t list them all. These are based on our experience and your individual business…each market is a little different. Plus, we can’t give away all of our secrets. Here are a few:

Time of Day

Simply running your ads 24 hours a day may not be the best pay per click plan for you. It is essential to take into account your office hours and also your competitor’s hours in determining the correct times to run your ads.

Pay Per Click Budgeting

We need to determine just how high a bid is really worth to your business. Are there some services that have higher profit margins and are those the words we should be concentrating on?

Is Your Pay Per Click Campaign Working?

It is essential to track your clicks and compare them to your organic click-throughs and adjust accordingly. This is really the only way to tell if your ppc campaign is cost effective. It’s a good idea to take other factors into account such as branding and the affect non-buyers have on future sales through word-of-mouth.