Responsive Websites

Is your website mobile friendly?


One of the biggest challenges in web design today is making sure a website displays properly on the broad spectrum of devices that your customers use to view your services and products.  Websites should be responsive and adapt to the screen size and functionality of each device.

Websites that have been built only a few years ago need to be updated to the latest html requirements and design elements need to be refined for the larger audience of mobile users. Analytical data should be analyzed to determine what mobile devices the majority of your customers and visitors are using and testing should be done to see how they are viewing your pages on those devices. All of this should be considered when deciding if you need a new website entirely or if changes can be made to your existing to satisfy your customers needs.

An easy test is to pull up your website on a variety of mobile devices and see for yourself. Pay attention to how it both views and the functionality…view it as if you were a potential customer for your business.

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