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Services: Search Engine Marketing and SEO

At Raesea, we believe that the simplest way to explain search engine marketing is by telling our clients that we are “translating the website for search engines”. SEO is not about tricks or deceptions. Proper SEO helps search engines better index your website and “translates” your website to them in a clear and concise way.

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Increase Traffic to Your Website

Our SEO Process:

  • Analyze Your Current Website Rankings for Keywords and determine where there is room to expand and add new keywords.
  • Analyze Your Competitor’s Websites and determine which strategies they currently employ and if they are following the guidelines set by the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your website from a navigational and coding standpoint. Determine if your website is easy to use for both customers and search engines.
  • Examine your “call to action” on each page and ensure that it is clear and goal oriented from both a user standpoint and from the view of search engine spiders.

I have known members of RaeSea for 10 yrs and see them as a vital part of my business. Their work is a reflection of my company and what we stand for. They are extemely responsive to any needs we might have and talk to me in terms that someone like me (not a huge tech guy) can understand. I couldn’t recommend a company any higher than RaeSea. We feel fortunate to have them as part of our team.

Mark Matthews KMA Lending Group

SEO Strategies

On Page Optimization Plan

This process involves editing the html of your current website so the search engine spiders can better understand what your website is about. It also includes basic content edits and navigational changes to better reach your goals.

Pay Per Click and other Online Advertising

Search engine optimization is a process that takes time because you are at the mercy of the search engine spiders. Search Engines such as Google, move at their speed and it takes time for them to update their rankings and for you to see the full benefits of SEO. A great way to jump start an internet marketing campaign is through the use of pay per click and online advertising. RaeSea can write your online ads, monitor the results, and ensure you are achieving your goals while staying within your monthly budget.

Link Building

Link popularity is one of the most important factors in how Google determines website ranking. Google frowns upon “paid links” so a link building campaign must be a well thought out and detailed process.

SEO Management Services

Search engine marketing is an ongoing process that is also “living”. Remember, not only are your results dependent on the search engines, they are also dependent on the actions of your competitors. What they do or do not do will affect your own rankings. We offer seo management services on a monthly basis to keep your website at the top of the search engines.