Social Media Management

Services: Social Media Planning and Management

Is your company on the major social networks such as Twitter, YouTube, and FaceBook? Have you joined these networks but are having trouble interacting with your customers? Let us help you plan a social media strategy that is right for your business. Give us a call at 619.573.6713 to get started.

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Just listing your social media accounts on your website and in commercials isn’t enough. Let us put together a plan to get your customers talking and teach you how to engage them.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and More

Our Social Media Planning Process:

  • Determine how social media can benefit both your company and your customers
  • Determine which social networks your company should be actively engaged in.
  • Determine what the necessary steps are for your company to both get setup on these networks and to be an active participant

Social Media provides some unique opportunities for companies to interact with their customers and prospective customers but a plan should be in place that can meet your company’s goals. We have all seen examples of companies and individuals making mistakes on Twitter and Facebook that have cost them business and in some cases their jobs. Don’t just leave it to someone in your office who is “good at Facebook”.

Social Media Strategies

Learn how you can use social media besides just listing your products or services. Learn to truly engage the public and more importantly…what to do next.

Customer Service

Social Networks can be used for customer service in some scenarios. Directing customers to these platforms and helping them with their problems can save time and money on inbound calls and emails and provide an opportunity to get positive feedback in a public setting.


Social media allows companies to truly engage customers, potential customers, and market experts. Learn how to talk to them and how to get them to talk back to you while providing your company with vital information about your products and services. Let them tell you what you are doing right and what areas you need to improve.

What are they saying about your Company?

Monitoring various social networking sites can allow a company to hear what customers are saying about their products and services whether it is positive or negative feedback. These websites also offer the chance for company’s to directly respond to what customers are saying and address any issues that may arise.

Yes you can Sell on these Websites

It is possible to sell your products and services through social media but it requires a plan and the right “tone”. If you are there to sell…then don’t hide it. Offer deals and specials to those that are engaging you on your social pages…make it a point to provide value for those that follow you on Twitter or like you on Facebook.

Time Management

You need to determine how much time and resources you can devote to social media. Proper tracking should also be setup to determine ROI for this time. Not all businesses will benefit from Facebook, or Twitter, or YouTube while some businesses will truly benefit from them all. Let us evaluate your current audience and develop a plan specifically for your business.