Services: Volusion Shopping Carts

Volusion is a shopping cart option with many features and tools to help run your online business. They offer many templates that we can customize for you and also a few plugins that can be used with your store to enchance customer experience.

Our Volusion Services

  • Hourly Consulting
  • Template Customization
  • Product Page Customization
  • Custom Graphics such as banners and call-out buttons
  • Statistical Tracking Setup for ROI

Volusion has launched their mCommerce specifically for those customers that are using their mobile devices and they also offer a live chat software. We can help you install both of these pieces and to make sure they are performing correctly. Volusion is SEO friendly but there are maybe be some html code that needs to be re-written or revised for optimal results.

The RaeSea team is an extraordinary group to work with. They execute our requests immediately, and always have fresh ideas. Our web sales increased soon after they took over our website. RaeSea came to us highly recommended, and now we endorse them with same esteem.

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Volusion Solutions

Using a Template

Like most shopping carts, Volusion offers website templates to get your store started. Let us help you customize this template so it doesn’t look like a template and let’s you add the look your company needs for its online store.

Using The Features of Volusion

Volusion comes with many features and add-ons that you may want to add to your store. One of the common mistakes we see from clients is that they add in all of these features without mapping out a plan. The result is a store that is cluttered and confusing for their customers to use. Before you start adding to your store, think about whether these tools will actually be used by your customers and if they will affect sales.