Website Tip of the Day

Sell your services on your website.

Some people believe it is enough to just put up a good looking website and put up information about their company. Once they do that…they think they are done. Even if you are doing SEO and/or online advertising you need to do more. We can’t stress this enough. Your website’s content should be selling your services and not just presenting people with your information.

Ideas for doing this include:

  • Creating Specials or Coupons on Your Website
  • Speaking to Your Competitors
  • Explaining Why Someone Should Choose You
  • Don’t Run From Objections
  • Get Input From Your Sales People On What Customers Want to Know

These may seem very simple but they are often overlooked or skimmed over.  Countless times we ask clients for this information and it is put together with very little thought about what selling strategies currently work for their sales force.