Websites Using Popup Surveys Need to Be Careful

Is your website using one of those popup surveys?  I know that Seth Godin had advocated using surveys on your website to find out information about your customer base…such as why they chose not to buy.  Obviously, this information is very useful but the problem is that many companies simply instructed their team to add this function to their website without really thinking it through.

My challenge to your company.  If you are using one of these popups, bring your website up on various mobile devices such as a droid or an iphone.  Chances are you will be unable to navigate your website with this popup appearing.  I have encountered a few of these lately and the script will not allow me to use the survey or decline the survey while it blocks me from navigating through the website.  It basically locks me out of the website forcing me to abandon my plans to use that website.  I then move on to the next company offering similar information or service.

Are your surveys working properly on mobile devices?    And make sure you check more than one mobile device…just like you would browser compatibility.