What is the Value of a Website

Check out our Brett’s marketing in progress blog today for RaeSea’s guest post. Here’s a teaser:

We are approached to build a lot of websites and the cost expectations vary from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. There are many blog posts and articles that talk about what a website should cost to build and what factors affect costs but what about for the client? Is there a value to place on the website itself? How does a company decide whether it’s worth 50K to build a new website versus 10K or keeping their existing website?

Those aren’t easy questions to answer but let’s try:

First, what does your business get from the website? Does it get leads, sales, build your brand? All of these? At the very least, your business is probably getting leads from its website. Now, these could be cold leads or they could be people who Google your company name because they were referred to your company or saw some advertising. Many companies immediately start focusing on getting more leads by getting more people to their website but that’s not the place to start. Start with determining what your conversion rate is for your current website: do you get one lead for every 20 visitors? one lead for every 10? Anything below 100% means there is room for improvement.

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