Where to Spend Your Money on SEM?

We get asked by new clients to come up with creative ways to spend their SEM budgets.   Many companies just don’t have a big enough budget initially to kick start all aspects of a search engine marketing campaign so where you start?


Pay Per Click?

Social Media?

Email Marketing?

If your company has never tried any of these then how do you know which one will work?  The reality is you really don’t and even if you have dipped your toes in the water and tried then you also don’t know what will work when implemented efficiently.  And not all of those will produce the same ROI and if you start with a lower producing ROI it may be difficult to get the necessary increase in your budget to implement the next steps.

So where do you spend that initial money you have budgeted so your project doesn’t get killed?

How about you and the SEM company you are working with look at what the top companies in your industry and geographic region are doing?  Study their existing strategies and make some educated guesses about what may work for your business.  You won’t guess right 100% of the time but it will give you something to start with.   An experienced SEM company should have the expertise to study what your competitors are doing and have some idea of where they are putting their focus.

Then when your boss asks why you decided to go with PPC over SEO initially you have an answer.