WordPress and Scentsy

Are you one of the thousands of people out there with a Scentsy Business?

Did you know that you can build a great website simply by using wordpress?  Wordpress is great for websites like this because of their content management system will allow you to manage scentsy products easier and add new content easily.  Such as updating their scent of the month or other new scents that come out.  There are many SEO plugins and analytic plugins that will also allow you to monitor your website and build sales online.

Wordpress also allows you to choose how much customization and investment you want to put into your website.  You can use their basic themes for free and get a website with minimal startup costs or you can have a design team customize any theme and build you a great looking scentsy website.   With every wordpress website there is some degree of maintenance that must be done on a monthly basis.  Themes, plugins and wordpress itself are constantly being updated and the new versions need to be installed but at the same time you must make sure that the new update is compatible with your current plugins and themes.  Sometimes, plugins are not updated and may not work properly with the latest update from wordpress or your theme may not be updated to the latest wordpress or browser edition.   It’s not always an issue but these do arise.

Most designers will charge some type of maintenance fee for these services either in the original contract or on a per project basis.   It’s recommended to use a web company that understands all of the aspects of wordpress and website design while also understanding that this is a business website that needs to produce sales and leads.